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Smart Home Technology

Here at Gravity Homes, we know that technology is vastly changing. Our goal is to make sure that we build homes that give you these smart home options, and we make sure they come FREE in our brand-new homes. Our FREE smart home packages include a Video Doorbell Camera, guaranteed WiFi coverage in every livable inch of your home, and high-speed data cables with a Gigabit switch.

Smart Home Automation

These standard features are Wi-Fi-Enabled and are easily controlled from your smart home device.
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Our goal is to make your house a home that can outlast the future and helps save you money every step of the way.
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Gravity Homes knows you have a choice when choosing your home builder.

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We pride ourselves in ensuring that each of our homes is built with quality features and smart home technology.

When you select Gravity Homes, you choose a builder that believes in making your dream home a reality.

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Gravity Homes is a member of the Lillian Custom Homes family and shares its same values and vision of providing quality homes at an affordable cost.

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